We are still open, and very excited to announce that we are rebranding to TOPCHIRO Pickering! For the past three decades, Pineridge Natural Health led by Dr. MaryAnn Franko and Arthur “Art” Kyryllo has been serving the Durham region and beyond from our corner of Brock Rd. & Hwy 2 in Pickering. Additionally, Dr. MaryAnn and Art are excited to announce formally that new graduate and daughter, Dr. Danica Kyryllo, will be joining the practice as of January 1, 2024. Dr. MaryAnn and Dr. Danica are excited to be partnering in opening the first North American location of the TOPCHIRO international brand of chiropractic clinics.

As part of this exciting transition and ongoing process, we will be gradually upgrading our services with the latest technology. Dr. Danica will be rolling out a new clinic software on her clinic days and Dr. MaryAnn will be working alongside her as front desk support to begin to upgrade our systems. During this learning phase, nothing will change on Dr. MaryAnn’s clinic days at the beginning. You will continue to see Art at the front desk. We want to minimize disruption to you, our existing clientele, to ensure the same exceptional level of care can be delivered. Later in 2024, Dr. MaryAnn will transition to the new software as well so that you can start to enjoy the benefits of our new software such as online booking, secure text messaging and e-mailing, educational newsletters, membership options, and pre-authorized payments to offer even more value and flexibility to you. In the meantime, we continue to be dedicated to caring today for your health tomorrow by giving you the key to your best life with focused chiropractic care.

Dr. Danica Kyryllo and Dr. MaryAnn Franko - Chiropractors providing friendly chiropractic care
Dr. Danica Kyryllo and Dr. MaryAnn Franko - Chiropractors providing friendly chiropractic care

Pineridge Natural Health is joining TOPCHIRO!

TOPCHIRO Pickering - Expert chiropractors serving the Pickering, Ajax, and greater Durham regionsTOPCHIRO Pickering - Expert chiropractors serving the Pickering, Ajax, and greater Durham regions


Is Dr. MaryAnn retiring? Is Art retiring?

Nope! At least not any time soon. Dr. MaryAnn and Art are quite happy with their semi-retired lifestyle and their ability to continue serving our wonderful community. Art may take a step back from the main front desk duties eventually next year, but he will continue to help out in any way he can, for as long as he can. Not only is Dr. MaryAnn not slowing down, she is actively accepting new clients. There has never been a better time to refer your friends and family to get their spine and nervous system professionally checked by us. What one person in your life do you know that needs to come see Dr. MaryAnn?


TOPCHIRO is a rapidly growing international brand of chiropractic clinics. Currently, there are 14 locations in the Netherlands (www.topchiro.nl), 3 locations in the United Kingdom (topchiro.co.uk), and 2 locations in Italy (topchiro.it) with new countries joining continuously. We are committed to excellence in providing focused, principled chiropractic care. Find us on Instagram (@topchirocanada) and Facebook.

Why are you joining TOPCHIRO?

There are many reasons. Most importantly, we have been re-evaluating and reflecting on where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we’re going. While operating as an independent silo has worked in decades past, being part of the TOPCHIRO network means that we will stay engaged and ahead of the technological curve to adapt to whatever the future holds in store. This will help us to continuously reevaluate and uplevel our ability to serve you better in the decades to come.

What's involved in being part of the TOPCHIRO network?

Being part of this international brand means that we can collaborate with chiropractors around the world and share our wisdom and expertise. We believe that by constantly learning and improving our skills, we can better serve our clients and provide the best possible care. That's why we participate in two calls every week with our global network of chiropractors, which helps us stay informed and connected to the latest developments in chiropractic care. We have direct access to chiropractic thought leaders such as TOPCHIRO founder and best-selling author of “Restoring Reason," Dr. Travis Corcoran. It also keeps us informed of the latest opportunities for educational events to continuously improve our services.

What changes can I expect? What will be staying the same?

To begin, not much will change for Dr. MaryAnn’s clients. Dr. MaryAnn will continue to work with Art on her clinic days with the same systems. Our clinic interior design is changing and will continue to change. We have re-oriented clinic space and moved the front desk to help improve flow in the clinic and to reestablish our ability to provide health classes to our new and existing clients. Next year, there will be a gradual software transition for Dr. MaryAnn’s clients so that you will start to benefit from the new features.

Are there any new educational opportunities coming?

Absolutely, yes! In 2024, keep an eye out for opportunities for you to engage in attending educational sessions. We are bursting with excitement and passion to share our knowledge and understanding of chiropractic with our community. Our re-organized space will give us more flexibility to hold these kinds of events so that you and your loved ones can gain deeper understanding of what we do with you in our clinic and why it is so dang important!

Will your hours be changing?

Dr. MaryAnn’s hours remain unchanged. In the new year, Dr. Danica will be complementing the clinic hours to add new days of operation, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check www.topchiro.ca for the complete clinic schedule, coming soon.

Will I have a chance to give feedback on changes?

100% yes, please! Adaptability and growth are vital to any living system. Our clinic is no different. We deeply value continuous improvement. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, or questions, we want to hear from you. If there is something we need to do better or something that you want to make sure doesn’t change, please let us know. You can call us (905-683-7735), e-mail us (info@topchiro.ca), or plain old-fashioned have a heart-to-heart chat with any of us in-person. How can we help you better?

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