Dr. MaryAnn Franko

Our most experienced Doctor of Chiropractic with 43 years in practice. She is our matriarch of TOPCHIRO Pickering at her longstanding Pickering clinic, Pineridge Natural Health. Dr. MaryAnn is ready to help you reclaim your health.

Practicing for over 40 years

Aside from a brief 6-week pause (to give birth to her only daughter), Dr. MaryAnn Franko has been a practicing chiropractor, healer, and business owner since graduating chiropractic college in 1980. A working female doctor in the 1980's and 90's, Dr. MaryAnn was a pioneer for women chiropractors. While she paid no mind, she was one of only a handful of women in her graduating class during that male-dominated time in chiropractic history. Since then, she has led the way by example, for female chiropractors in Canada and beyond, including her very own daughter, Dr. Danica. Her tenacity and kind-hearted spirit led her to become a successful chiropractor and businesswoman by caring for her community in Leaside and the Annex neighbourhoods of Downtown Toronto, before moving to Pickering in the early 1990s to the corner at which we currently serve. Many in the community at that time will remember the neon sign of the early days with the “jumping jacks lady” reminding us “restore motion, restore life”.

Pineridge Natural Health
Pineridge Natural Health
Thousands of patients, and counting

Being in practice for so many years, it is hard not to have developed deep and meaningful connections with the community. Many of our kindhearted patients have been coming to see Dr. MaryAnn for 20+ years, some traveling from far distances like downtown Toronto and Cobourg just to get their regular maintenance care. It has been a distinct pleasure for Dr. MaryAnn to take care of people over such a long span of their lives, getting to be a part of their journeys as they have children, taking care of entire families, taking care of children that are now adults themselves with families of their own. It is such a special honour to stand witness to these transformations of our chiropractic family community.

Dr. MaryAnn Franko, chiropractor at TOPCHIRO Pickering
Dr. MaryAnn Franko, chiropractor at TOPCHIRO Pickering
Outside the office

Dr. MaryAnn is also affectionately known as “the singing doctor” for her love of singing and music. She participated in the Eastside Harmony Chorus of the Durham region for many years traveling to Syracuse, New York for annual Sweet Adelines competitions every year. Beyond her musical pursuits, Dr. MaryAnn loves to garden, spend time at the Ajax waterfront, and bike around her community to get exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, and soak in the sunshine whenever possible!

Greater Durham region
Greater Durham region

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